Complete Virus and Spyware Removal plus 3 Years protection – $159

Get your system completely cleaned of viruses and spyware AND have protection for 3 years under our new bundle deal for $159

Not infected? 3 year protection is available by itself for only $100

Need to get rid of virus and spyware but feel like you can do without protection? Virus and Spyware removals are available for only $79

Please stop in or call 419-214-0222 for more details!

Upgrade to Windows 10 Today for $199 Data Backup Included

Keeping your computer up to date with the latest Windows Updates is critical in order to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited. The word is that Windows 10 is going to be the last major Operating System release which is great for convenience! On January 2020 Systems that are running 7 or earlier will no longer receive consistent updates to fix vulnerabilities such as the “WanaCry” ransom ware breakout. Here at Keith Stone Computers, we understand that many computers in company environments support legacy devices and software and for that reason many still use Windows 7. If this is you or your companies situation, please give us a call today at 419-214-0222 to discuss possible solutions such as legacy compatibility with newer Windows 10 or tips and tricks to keeping your legacy software/devices running safely.

Now Partnered with Gillware Data Recovery

We are proud to be a Gillware Data Recovery Affiliate Partner

Have a severely damaged hard drive with data you need more than anything? We know just the guys for you! Bring in your drive today and we will have Gillware check it out with their advance tools. No money down and pay ONLY if they can get the files you want!

No diagnosis charge either! Sounds familiar 🙂